About Sigma biotech

Sigma Biotech is a R+D+i Department of Agrofood external, which seeks to give added value to your products. Born on January 20, 2013 with the decision to Marta González to create an innovative business project in the south of Spain (Granada). Since then, Sigma Biotech have tried to settle in a market little accustomed to this type of business model, which will gradually adding new players to compete in it. So with the passage of time we have managed to become part of the food and beverage industry, as outsourcing on research, development and innovation. [p]
Sigma Biotech has created a strong corporate culture based on a set of values that must be respected by all their members as: [p]
-Integrity, And ethical responsibility (CSR). Be transparent at all times. Recommend and assist the client in the most honest way possible, even above obtaining benefit for the company. Align the facts with the words, listen to different opinions and communicate openly and honestly. [p]
Commitment to a strong work ethic, integrity and honesty, as well as compliance with applicable laws and principles, politicies and standards of accountability and quality of Sigma Biotech. It is essential to be socially responsible to society as a whole that encompasses us all. The society brings us everything we bring him, so that the sense of responsibility and not only at the environmental level, must be essential to a better future coexistence. [p]
Commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices that protect future generations. [p]
-Excelence. Fast execution, minimize the errors, creating customer loyalty. Serve him facing new challenges to achieve the highest quality in all our services, never endanging food safety standards. [p]
-Passion. Taking our enthusiasm and excitement in each of the projects in which interfere Sigma Biotech. [p]
-Making value. We want Add value to the Spanish food sector, focusing on those geographical areas where we act through our customers. [p]
-Leadership. Struggle in forging a better future for the brand, the staff of the company and to society. [p]
-Teamwork. Maximize the collective talent within the company. Sigma Biotech are very aware of the importance of performing our activities in a group setting, offering collaboration and being helpful both among the human group that makes up our organization and to our customers and other partners agents. [p]
Our multidisciplinary technical and experienced on the field,  is configured as one of our better assets to continue growing and to add value within the entire food chain, which includes producers, processors, distributors and end channels such as HORECA channel. [p]
Within this inner section, we offer information about who we are, everything we do and where we are present. To do this, we want to give information about our customers, interviews with Marta Gonzalez or components of our technical team and our delegations, to know at all times what areas we are present physically. In addition to this,  we publish information on corporate events and conferences to which attend Sigma Biotech.

The American market is already committed to the first loncheables ketchup sauces

(05/07/2018) At Sigma Biotech, we have been developing an innovative range of textured table sauces in sliced ​​formats for more than a year, achieving a powerful knowledge on the elaboration of such products (https://sigmabiotech.es/sigma-biotech-desarrolla-una- range-sauces-table-formats-lunch-cubes /). Our technical team was able to develop ketchup, lactonesa-pineapple and honey-mustard, although thanks to the know-how generated it is …

The American market is already committed to the first loncheables ketchup sauces Read More »

Sigma Biotech develops a range of table sauces in slicable formats and cubes

(13/06/2017) The technical team of Sigma Biotech, in its tireless desire to be at the forefront in innovation, has developed a highly revolutionary product in terms of conventional sauces presentation formats, designing a range of TEXTURED SAUCES, presented in 3 flavor bases that give place in turn to a very attractive chromatic diversity for sale: …

Sigma Biotech develops a range of table sauces in slicable formats and cubes Read More »

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