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Real Life / Accelerated Life Studies

The realization of a study of useful life (EVU) allows to establish a period in which a product can be maintained without undergoing significant changes in its quality and innocuousness. It is determined from parameter limits that indicate its non-acceptability (physical, chemical, organoleptic and microbiological). At Sigma Biotech we carry out two types of studies:

Accelerated Useful Life Studies

Storage of food matrices in forced environmental conditions, thus allowing the substantial reduction of the analysis period.

Real-Time Useful Life Studies

Storage of food matrices under usual environmental conditions for the product.

Once the shelf life period is known, there is the possibility of increasing the useful life of your product, by reviewing and optimizing both the formulations and the production processes, as well as the materials and packaging systems used.

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Products Development

An essential part of Sigmalosophy is designing and developing your product idea from scratch to the development of prototypes at laboratory scale, in order to be scalable at an industrial level. Therefore, we design original, competitive and quality products, to introduce them to the market without risks, helping companies reach the consumer.

In addition, we are able to reformulate existing products in order to adapt them to the new demands of consumers.

In short, we turn your idea into an innovative product, working with all sectors of the food industry.

World Trends in Food

It is essential to analyze the trends and existing products in the market in order to design an appropriate strategy for launching new references. Knowing the demographic, cultural, economic and social aspects is essential to minimize associated risks. Sigma Biotech has a MINTEL GNPD, a state-of-the-art database that collects all the necessary information on food and beverages in 86 countries, allowing us to instantly track the latest trends and innovations in the industry in a large part of the world. Thus being able to visualize products of the competition and generate new ideas. The search filters are very varied: by country, company, food sector, brand, launch date, price, ingredients, etc. With the final report of Sigma Biotech, you will have a powerful and limited knowledge tool for your sector, product and geographical area.

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Innovation Bonus for Hours

From Sigma Biotech we offer hourly innovation bonuses (download more information) for any issue related to day to day, which are adapted to your needs so that you can count on an expert technical team, paying only for the time consumed for consultations of different types:

Search for technologies and suppliers (both machinery and raw materials, ingredients and additives).

Quality control and food safety.

Technical and legal advice (regulations, labeling revision and legal consultations on the same, etc).

Document management of patents and bureaucratic procedures.

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Analysis Sensory

The success of the food industry in the market necessarily involves connecting with the needs and preferences of the consumer. Therefore, it is essential to understand what sensations, emotions and motivations move consumers to buy your product, being an essential information for companies that want to be competitive in their sector. Types of studies and / or analysis:

Panel of expert and trained tasters.

Consumer test.

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Training in Food Legislation

Handling food legislation in an agile way is the basis for your company to formulate the correct legal code, as well as to exploit all the allegations that have a direct commercial impact.

The revision of the food legislation can give rise to different interpretations, therefore, for its correct application, it is necessary to know it in an updated way.

Our Legal Department develops tailor-made training proposals (download more information here) based on the objectives and knowledge of your company, adapting to your needs, to train staff on this matter.


  • Development or improvement of skills in current legislative search.
  • Quick or advanced search methodology.
  • Autonomous legislative analysis capacity.
  • Flexibility. Possibility of having different competencies within the same contracted training.
  • Aptitude to have the legislative advances of your sector.
  • Access to official publications on food regulations: international, European, national.
  • Knowledge of terms used in Food Law.
  • Legislative tools: food law magazines, organizations related to Food Law, standardization entities, among others.

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