Sigma Biotech develops a range of table sauces in slicable formats and cubes

(13/06/2017) The technical team of Sigma Biotech, in its tireless desire to be at the forefront in innovation, has developed a highly revolutionary product in terms of conventional sauces presentation formats, designing a range of TEXTURED SAUCES, presented in 3 flavor bases that give place in turn to a very attractive chromatic diversity for sale: ketchup sauce, lactonesa and mustard. These 3 bases allow to optimize other flavors: barbecue, curry, rose sauce, wasabi …




Reinvention in the current concept of sauces: perception of viscosity, consistency, appearance and mouth feel.

-It becomes unctuous when heated or put in direct contact with the product and / or in the microwave.

Flexible product: the sliced ​​product can be bent without breaking, which facilitates its application to different culinary recipes that give rise to showy presentations (rolls).

For all audiences: fun shapes and «no stains» for children.

Products of high added value, which allows a privileged strategic and economic positioning, proposing a new consumption format of a traditional product.

Total use of the product in the container, not leaving any amount adhering the same.

Labeling: This format contains less kcal than its traditional counterpart. Thus, with this presentation format it is very easy to control the ingested Kcal, so it is key to highlight the energy load of the complete dish using the «quantitative» Marketing.




At this point, it is essential to highlight that SIGMA BIOTECH is able to adapt the innovative technology already developed to the needs of the industrialist in charge of the final sale of the product, preparing the product under the desired range and format and for different sectors:


  • Fast Food: For sandwiches and hamburgers.
  • Meat / fish products: to heat up in a pan or in a microwave.
  • Sushi: adding color and flavor to these presentations.
  • Buckets for skewers.
  • Topping for salads, pasta and nuts.
  • Cocktail.
  • High kitchen.
  • Prepared dishes: breaded product, tortillas, pizzas, fillings …


Therefore, the present development is available to any industrialist interested in its manufacture and commercialization, being viable the adaptation of the matrices of the company to the technology already developed by our technical team.   To know more information about the marketing possibilities, you can contact us at and at the phone number +34 622187554.


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